Sign behind SCE's front desk backlit in blue light; sign reads "Saginaw Control and Engineering: Your Enclosure Source"
How to Design a Creative Lobby for Your Office

Quick: what’s the first thing people see when they walk through your office’s front door? Do you have a front desk? A seating area? Any branded wall decor? What creative touches did…

Closeup of product sample and support on display for Exceptional Metals
The Power of Engaging B2B Product Displays

It’s not really fair. B2B product displays have an unfortunate reputation for being…well, kind of boring. But it seems unfair for those products not to be interesting. After all, they’re carefully designed…

War Room Sign
What’s the Purpose of Creative Wayfinding Signage?

Would you be surprised to hear that our approach to designing creative wayfinding signage has a lot in common with an ancient Roman poet named Horace?  We wouldn’t blame you — at…

Frankenmuth Insurance Hallway
How do Branded Office Environments Help?

Here’s the problem with boring offices: they can make people think creative, fun, well-decorated offices are just a luxury. After all, if work can get done in a bare-bones space, then you…

Three Rivers Loons Suite
How Displays Promote Core Values at Work

Quick quiz: Does your business have its core values written down somewhere? Do you make sure your employees know what they are? Do you tell your customers what they are? You might…

Tire-changing station in the Tinker Track exhibit
The ZENTX Experience: Talking with MMCM’s Sam Jones (Part Two)

When you’re building an exhibit for a kids’ museum, there’s a lot of things to keep in mind. It has to be engaging and fun to interact and/or play with, of course….

Side view of Tinker Track exhibit at Mid-Michigan Children's Museum
The ZENTX Experience: Talking with MMCM’s Sam Jones (Part One)

We’ve gotten to help build several museum displays before. As we wrote about recently, our projects have included mannequin displays, custom display cases, and large-format visual collateral. But our most recent museum…

MidMichigan College World Map
Map Walls: A ZENTX Signature Solution

You might have noticed that we talk a lot about big ideas at ZENTX. It’s even in our tagline: “Big ideas. Big solutions.” Why, you ask? For starters, because we love using…

Aerial shot of the IQhub showing several museum displays designed by ZENTX
Museum Displays: A ZENTX Signature Solution

Online museum exhibits helped a lot of people pass the time during COVID-related lockdowns. Whether it’s major museums like the Louvre or MOMA, or more specialized museums such as Los Angeles’ Fashion…

High Sign Install
Ideas → Solutions: Installation

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” If you’ve ever taken a road trip with small children, you’ve probably heard that refrain. Maybe you’ve even done it yourself. (It’s okay, we…