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ZENTX Core Values: Econ 101, ZENTX Style

Last time, we talked about a sad misconception regarding work, the misconception that says it’s a curse. That it’s something bad. Something to wish away. In truth, toil may be a curse,…

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ZENTX Core Values: Charging with the Rhinotudes

Rhinotude. Strange word, right? Look it up in the dictionary and you’ll find that it’s not there. Try to Google it, and you won’t get much. That’s because it’s not a real…

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ZENTX Core Values: We Eat Grit for Breakfast

Do you ever have grits for breakfast? That slimy yellowish dish that’s textured like sand and that also tastes kinda like sand? If you’re not from the South, then maybe you don’t….

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ZENTX Core Values: A Humble Pie Bakery

Ever heard of hubris? No, it’s not the latest fad in the world of chip dips. And no, it’s not some sort of rare flower. Maybe you’ve never heard of it, but…

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ZENTX Core Values: All Aboard the Ownership

In our last post, we introduced the concept of core values and how ZENTX leadership has used core values to propel the business forward. Today, as promised, we’ll be diving in to…

ZENTX Core Values
The Secret Stuff that Makes Companies Thrive

Every Monday morning at 8853 W. Freeland Road, the ZENTX team packs into the Idea Room on the second floor of our main building and digs in for an hour-long update meeting….

Tree Bookshelves
Should Your Company Mimic Google’s Office Interiors?

So you’re sensing that your workspace is outdated, huh? Looking for a bit of a resuscitation for your office interiors? Well, good for you. But, before you begin, we need to make…

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5 Interior Branding Elements that Help Companies Present their Corporate Personalities

A company’s second largest expense is real estate. Big corporations pour millions of dollars into their facilities because they understand the power of using their spaces as message boards—showcases for their corporate…

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Follow These 3 Simple Steps to Get Customers To Your Door

I’m lost. I’m standing at a corridor of never-ending hallways and have no idea which way is the “right way” to my meeting. It seems that any possible staff have conveniently disappeared…

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ZENTX Completes Construction of New Building

ZENTX Media Group, Inc. (ZENTX), a visual solution provider in the Great Lakes Bay Region, has completed construction of a new 3,200 square foot building in Freeland, MI.  The new building is…