ZENTX Media Group Inc
Client:Memorial Healthcare

Donor Recognition Wall

We enjoy working with historical pieces almost as much as when we discover a new, flashy product.  So we had a lot of fun working on this Donor Recognition Wall for Memorial Healthcare.  They had assembled all of the plaques their staff could find throughout the hospital’s history, which meant numerous plaques from the 1920’s all the way through the 1990’s.  They then gave us the task of finding a creative way to highlight the existing plaques while allowing for new modern plaques that they can update well into the future.

To fulfill our client’s wants we came up with the idea of a concrete slab centered within the display featuring all of their existing plaques – some of which are almost 100 years old!  Incorporating all of the plaques proved to be difficult in the sense that they were all different sizes, shapes, materials, and some even were curved from originally being placed on trees.  There was no way this portion of the display was going to be equally balanced, but after many test layouts we were finally happy with a look which still allows enough room for any old plaques that may be discovered in the future.

To make the display itself, we made a faux concrete panel for the center portion of the display because an actual slab of concrete of that size would have been really difficult and heavy to move, and none of our installers were up for that kind of challenge.  The display also had wooden pillars incorporated throughout the design, which played off of key elements throughout the hospital.  The “new” recognition panels were constructed out of aluminum, included dimensional acrylic letters and engrave able plaques which are inset into the display and being held with a magnet for easy updating.

We were really happy how this Donor Recognition Wall came together and it’s a great addition to the hospital.  We had a lot of fun looking at all of the old plaques to see how they were made then, style choices, and what processes are still being used today.