ZENTX Media Group Inc
Client:Agro-Culture LIQUID Fertilizer

Ashley Manufacturing & Distribution Facility Model

The Ashley Manufacturing & Distribution Facility Model is an n-scale replica of Agro-Culture LIQUID Fertilizer’s state-of-the-art Manufacturing and Distribution Facility located in Ashley, Michigan.  Completing this project, involved our design, engineering, graphic production, fabrication and scenic departments.  The model included custom wooden base with embedded touchscreen monitor, a glass vitrine, and the custom model.

Replicating the unique steel framed and translucent vinyl material of the manufacturing and distribution facility involved creating a skeleton out of plywood and acrylic, we then wrapped vinyl material over the structure to fully replicate the architecture of the building.  Replicating the landscape included using various materials for the tank farm, railroad, customized railroad cars, gravel, grass, concrete and pine trees.

The custom wooden base features an embedded touchscreen monitor, which has various information and “fun facts” about the Ashley Manufacturing & Distribution Facility.