ZENTX Core Values
The Secret Stuff that Makes Companies Thrive

Every Monday morning at 8853 W. Freeland Road, the ZENTX team packs into the Idea Room on the second floor of our main building and digs in for an hour-long update meeting….

Tree Bookshelves
Should Your Company Mimic Google’s Office Interiors?

So you’re sensing that your workspace is outdated, huh? Looking for a bit of a resuscitation for your office interiors? Well, good for you. But, before you begin, we need to make…

Magline Dry Erase Wall
5 Interior Branding Elements that Help Companies Present their Corporate Personalities

A company’s second largest expense is real estate. Big corporations pour millions of dollars into their facilities because they understand the power of using their spaces as message boards—showcases for their corporate…

ADA Signage
Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Follow These 3 Simple Steps to Get Customers To Your Door

I’m lost. I’m standing at a corridor of never-ending hallways and have no idea which way is the “right way” to my meeting. It seems that any possible staff have conveniently disappeared…

AMASA Exhibit Walls
How to Lighten Your Load

Dealing with tradeshow equipment can sometimes be a big pain in the butt, especially if you are like myself and lack upper-body strength.  But you don’t need to start a bench press…

Memorial Healthcare Timeline 06
How to Effectively Tell Your Business’ Story

If your family is like mine, getting together for the holidays means re-telling of stories that have been heard hundreds of times before about our family’s history. But what entrepreneurs and employees…

Don’t Drive Without Proper Attire

Today I’m going to teach you a simple business lesson – don’t drive without proper attire.  No, I’m not referring to your clothing; I’m referring to your company’s vehicles. If you have…