ZENTX Media Group Inc

Big Ideas. Green Solutions.

Eco Friendly Inks, Recycled Materials, Recyclable Hardware

Eco Friendly Inks

ZENTX Media Group uses Eco-Solvent Inks on all of our large format prints. These inks have a minimal impact on the environment. They are water solluble, and require no special ventilation systems. Additionally, they promote the longevity of a printer’s print heads, so we have to replace them less often than with other inks. This keeps countless print heads out of landfills across the country.

Recycled & Recyclable Materials

ZENTX offers a wide range of recycled/recyclable materials for our large format customers, from banner materials to photo prints. Many of our options are fully recyclable into a wide range of products, including food containers, carpets, clothing and lumber! We also offer paper products created from Sustainable Forrests.

Banners printed on our Tyvek SUV product even come with a postage paid, pre-addressed envelope!* Once you’re done with your banner, place it inside the envelope and request a pickup by UPS! The banner will be shipped directly to Trex Company, who will recycle them into decking and fencing products free of charge.

Recyclable Hardware

Many hardware choices available from ZENTX are made completely out of aluminum, which is 100% recycleable. We even offer bannerstands made out of bamboo! Be sure to ask us about our recycleable hardware options for your next quote!

To learn more about any of the Green options offered by ZENTX, contact us today. When requesting a quote, be sure to mention that you’d like a Green option, to ensure the most accurate pricing.